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The 2015 General Election

The next general election is forecast to break all previous betting records although there is no clear favourite for which parties will form the next government. Bet on the results of the next general election here.

  • Leader Exit Dates

    Cameron, Miliband and Clegg all face residual threats to their leadership. Will they survive up until the general election and beyond?

  • Cabinet Exit Dates

    When will David Cameron and George Osborne leave their appointed positions of Prime Minister and Chancellor?

  • General Election 2015 - Seats

    The growth of fringe parties such as the SNP, UKIP and the Greens are having a large impact on the main parties electoral prospects. Which party will win the most seats? Will there be a repeat of 2010 with no party controlling a majority in Parliament? Which party will win the most seats in each of the Home Nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

  • General Election 2015 - Turnout

    Will the fractured nature of British politics dictate a higher or lower turnout?

  • General Election 2015 - Electoral Bias

    Will there be any effect of electoral bias at the next UK general election? Who will gain the most votes and what impact will this have on seats?

  • General Election 2015 - Next Government

    Which parties will form the next government? The growth of five party politics could see parties such as the SNP and UKIP in government for the very first time. Will the Liberal Democrats retain enough seats to form another coalition. Could there be a minority government?

  • General Election 2015 - Next Prime Minister

    Who will be the Prime Minister after the next general election?

  • General Election 2015 - Party Leaders

    An insurgent UKIP threatens David Cameron. Ed Miliband faces continued criticism of his leadership ability and broken promises regarding tuition fees continue to haunt Nick Clegg. Will the current party leaders still lead their respective parties on the day of the general election?

  • General Election 2015 - Conservative

    After thirteen years of Labour government the Conservatives could not achieve a majority. Will the number of Conservative seats increase or decrease at the next election?

  • General Election 2015 - Labour

    Despite an unpopular coalition government with continuing economic crisis the Labour opposition are stagnant in the polls. Will this general election be a repeat of 2010 or will Ed Miliband achieve what Gordon Brown could not and convince the public to support his leadership and policy?

  • General Election 2015 - UKIP

    The UK Independence Party won two seats in by-elections following the defection of Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless. Will UKIP expand beyond Clacton and Rochester and win their first seats at a general election? Is UKIP splitting the Conservative vote and will an election pact be signed with to counter-act this?

  • General Election 2015 - Liberal Democrat

    The Liberal Democracts face electoral oblivion after broken pledges and forming a coalition government with the Conservatives. How many seats will they retain, if any?

  • General Election 2015 - SNP

    The Scottish National Party may not have achieved independence though they are set to dominate the next general election. Will there be a wipeout of unionist MPs?

  • General Election 2015 - Green

    Will the Green Party retain their sole seat in Brighton or will the green surge continue and see them gaining more?