Bet calculator

Smarkets’s free bet calculator automatically calculates your payout for any bet whether it’s back or lay betting on a betting exchange or a bookmaker, so you can identify your bet returns and any commission paid quickly.

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How to use the bet calculator:

  • Choose either a back bet or lay bet (back is a standard bet you would make for something to happen with a bookmaker, while a lay bet is an option to bet against something on betting exchange).
  • Enter your stake, or bet amount.
  • Choose whether you want to display odds as decimal, fraction, percentage, or American format.
  • Enter the odds you are betting at in the format selected, e.g. for decimal odds of 3, you would enter 2/1 for fractional, 33.33 for percentage, and +200 for American.
  • If you are using a betting exchange and there is commission to be paid should your bet win, enter this percentage in the commission box, e.g. on Smarkets standard commission is 2%.
  • If you are calculating a bet with a bookmaker, set commission to 0
  • The bet calculator will update and show you:
    • Odds after commission - these will be the same as those you entered if commission is 0, but will update to reflect true odds with commission. For example, decimal odds of 5 are 4.92 with 2% commission.
    • Return - this is your total return if the bet wins (initial stake + profit).
    • Profit - this is your profit should the bet win (doesn’t include commission).
    • Commission paid - If you have included commission, this is how much commission you would pay if your bet won.
    • Profit after commission - This is your total profit after commission should your bet win.
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