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Swedish Svenska Cupen

Eskilsminne IF

Helsingborgs IF

Event Ended
63 markets available
  • Full-time result
    Settled / Winner: Eskilsminne
    ContractLast Traded Price
    • Eskilsminne
    • Draw
    • Helsingborg
Bet on Eskilsminne vs Helsingborg on Wednesday, 18 August. With the Smarkets exchange, you can back or lay your bets on the clash between Eskilsminne and Helsingborg on Wednesday, 18 August. This game has 63 markets available to bet on. The popular markets so far are Full-time result, To qualify, Extra time over/under 0.5 and Method of qualification. The favourites to win the game between Eskilsminne and Helsingborg as of publication are ERR who are priced at odds of ERR. The odds of a draw are ERR while the odds for ERR to win are ERR. A US$10.00 back bet on ERR to win returns ERR, whereas a US$10.00 back bet on ERR to win are ERR. If you think neither side will come away with the victory, betting the same amount in a back bet on the draw would win you ERR. As Smarkets is an exchange, you can also place lay bets on all outcomes for Eskilsminne vs Helsingborg. You can also use the bet calculator to help you calculate potential winnings.