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  • Next permanent leader of the Labour Party, after Keir Starmer
    Traded: US$62,496
    Who will succeed Keir Starmer as next permanent leader of the Labour Party?
    12 months
    Andy Burnham
    Rachel Reeves
    Yvette Cooper
    Wes Streeting
    Lisa Nandy
    ContractLast Traded Price5426.14%36.75%
    • Andy Burnham
    • Rachel Reeves
    • Yvette Cooper
    • Wes Streeting
      9.52%10.511.5US$509.2US$15  17US$1518US$27  
    • Lisa Nandy
      8.00%12.512US$19    10,000US$26    
    • Bridget Phillipson
      6.25%1615.5US$15    27US$13    
    • Laura Pidcock
      0.71%14018.5US$17    10,000US$21    
    • Jon Trickett
    • Barry Gardiner
    • Rebecca Long-Bailey
      2.08%4823US$21    10,000US$26    
    • Angela Rayner
      6.45%15.526US$1625US$41  75US$14    
    • David Lammy
      3.33%3027US$34    65US$25    
    • Emily Thornberry
      0.36%28034US$16    10,000US$26    
    • Richard Burgon
      0.20%50034US$31    10,000US$53    
    • Seema Malhotra
      0.59%17034US$22    10,000US$26    
    • Dan Carden
       44US$38    10,000US$42    
    • Lucy Powell
      0.40%25044US$17    10,000US$26    
    • Sadiq Khan
      1.67%6044US$22    10,000US$26    
    • Rosena Allin-Khan
      2.94%3446US$18    160US$12    
    • Chi Onwurah
       46US$29    10,000US$26