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Be part of a company that’s transforming a traditional industry by being on the side of the customer. We’re a company of people who are not afraid of challenging the status quo and we’re looking for more like-minded individuals to join us.

Culture At Smarkets

Why would you need a manager to tell you what to do, when you and your team are the best qualified to make those decisions? At Smarkets we use a self-management structure where trust is the driving force. We believe that people are more motivated when given the freedom to work on what they like as part of a driven neural network.
Self-Management Structure

Self-Management Structure

Whatever your craft, you’ll set your own goals. If you want to contribute to an open-source project or spend some time researching another way to implement something, then we want you to do that.

Flexible Work Environment

A Transparent Approach To Salaries

Salaries are set by peer review at Smarkets. We are committed to paying our employees fairly based on the value that they add, rather than how they negotiate. We publish all of our salaries internally.

Meal And Drinks Provided

We're Fueled

Food is big at Smarkets. Enjoy three freshly prepared meals every day in our fantastic rooftop kitchen. Our team of in-house chefs use fresh and sustainable ingredients - lunch al’desko is officially banned!

Unlimited Holiday

Uncapped Holiday

A prescribed number of holidays is a thing of the past. One size doesn’t fit all, so we offer uncapped holiday to give you the flexibility to take a break when needed rather than counting how many days you have remaining.

Hear from our employees

The self-managing structure allows employees to reach their potential, to learn and to ship the best code they can possibly write.

Life at Smarkets

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