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Developing for Smarkets

We're currently working on a new version of our streaming API that is faster and more scalable. We don't have a time frame on when we'll be able to release it to the public but we are hoping for soon.

Odds Feeds (public)

For an XML feed of odds on all our markets, please fetch This feed is updated every minute. Note that this feed only includes markets and events which have at least one price.

HTTP API (private alpha)

To fetch account data, perform account-related actions such as deposits and withdrawals, and get event details, we provide a REST-ful HTTP API with OAuth authentication. Documentation is available.

Fetching odds and placing orders isn't possible over HTTP. For this you will need to use our Streaming API.

Rate limiting is in effect for the HTTP API. You are allowed a base rate of 5 requests per second. If you go over this rate, you're allowed 5 un-answered requests. Should you make more requests when there are 5 pending, you will receive an HTTP 503 error code.

Streaming API (private alpha)

We offer a streaming API based on a framed Protocol Buffers transport over TCP, which is inspired by the FIX protocol for communicating with financial markets. This provides low-latency market data and order placement.

Due to scalability issues, this API is currently not publicly available. We are prioritising market markers when issuing streaming API accounts. If you're interested in access to this service, please contact with some detail on your proposed application.

There is documentation and a collection of reference clients available.