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Meet the Smarkets team

  1. Jason Trost CEO / Founder

    Prior to founding Smarkets, Jason was an application developer at UBS’s Global Asset Management (New York) where he focused on innovative web technologies. Jason founded internet startup Descipher, a consumer medical website and has also been an equities trader at Great Point Capital (Chicago).

  2. Mika Boström Software Engineer

    A long-time security advocate, Mika joined Smarkets after working as an embedded software architect for Nomovok in Finland. He keeps an eye on technical things and occasionally turns things on and off again. He cycles less than he'd like to.

  3. Roberto Bruggemann Software Engineer

    Half Italian/Half German Roberto joined Smarkets from Bloomberg to help improve our trading systems.

  4. Jakub Stasiak Software Engineer

    A strong advocate for Vim Jakub joined us having previously worked for Focus Telecom in Poland.

    Jakub will be helping us develop Smarkets with a bit of help from his true specialization in game simulation technologies.

  5. Alex Dias Software Engineer

    Alex joined us after getting his Computer Engineering MSc degree from TU Lisbon. Previously he had been doing academic research in robot localization and GPUs.

  6. Andy Boot Software Engineer

    Andy previously worked at Deutsche bank, Citi and Dresdner Kleinwort before leaving to co-found his own startup. He cycles and skates and built the prototype for Citymapper.

  7. Mike Baker Software Engineer

    Mike joined the Smarkets team following previous work developing manufacturing execution systems, he has worked on a variety of projects here, including leading development of the android app.

  8. Lefteris Kritikos Software Engineer

    Lefteris worked at an advertising company as a software developer before joining Smarkets. He loves good (software) design, programming languages, vim and sci/fi with spaceships.

  9. Angeline Mulet-Marquis Software Engineer

    French mountain lover Angeline joined the Smarkets development team after 8 years in the banking software sector in France.

  10. Rúben Pinto Aguiar Software Engineer

    Rúben joined Smarkets in 2014 after completing his MSc degree from Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto. An avid music listener, a wannabe musician and a lover of great programming problems.

  11. Daniel López Rovira Software Engineer

    Catalan Daniel joined Smarkets in 2014 after moving to London from Stockholm. He likes Erlang and doing awesome stuff.

  12. Tom Hardman Business Development

    Before joining Smarkets, Tom spent a year working for a senior politician in Westminster. He graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Theology, and works with the business team on finance and compliance.

  13. Daniel Tervit Business Development

    Daniel joined Smarkets in 2013 to help with customer support and business development. Prior to Smarkets Daniel spent 5 years as a manager at Ladbrokes whilst completing a BA Hons degree in Business Administration.

  14. Greg Le Guyader Business Development

    Greg spent four years working in hospitality whilst completing his BSc in Economics. At the same time he was heavily active in sports trading and gained significant insight into the industry. He comes to us to work on business development.

  15. Gary Worrall Business Development

    Gary joined Smarkets to work on customer support and business development after completing his degree in Business Management at the University of East Anglia. During his studies Gary enjoyed a part-time marketing role at The Gambling Times.

  16. Chris Flynn Business Development

    Chris recently joined the customer service and business development team at Smarkets after graduating with an MA in History from Royal Holloway. During his time at university he also served in the army reserve and maintained a profitable interest in sports trading.

  17. Zi Li, aka PlumSoftware Engineer

    Zi moved from New York to London to join Smarkets after working in the Visual Effects industry for two years. She is a Linux enthusiast and loves xkcd.

  18. Philip JonesSoftware Engineer

    Philip worked as a particle physicist on the SNO+ experiment before joining Smarkets.

  19. Robin Sonefors Software Engineer

    Robin developed network monitoring solutions before he joined Smarkets. He likes bad jokes, terrible movies, awful music, and succinct, efficient code.

  20. Franco Gotusso Software Engineer

    Franco was working on QoS solutions for mobile networks before joining Smarkets. He loves unhealthy food and zombies movies.

  21. Ian CiliaCompliance Director

    Ian looks after our relationship with the regulatory authorities.

  22. Lex RobinsonSoftware Engineer

    Lex joined Smarkets in 2015 from the games industry. He specialises in webdev and swearing.