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Becoming an affiliate

Who can become a Smarkets affiliate?

We welcome affiliate requests from any business or individual who would like to promote us. The majority of our existing affiliates are owners of websites with sports or betting related content, however we assess each affiliate request individually and are looking forward to hearing from you.

How do I become an affiliate?

Simply complete our easy 4-step affiliate application here. Once you have submitted your details we will contact you via email if you have been accepted onto the programme.

What commision structures do you offer>

We offer revenue share, CPA or hybrid deals - please email us at affiliates@smarkets.com to discuss your options.

How long does the application process take?

It takes about 5 minutes to complete our application form. Once accepted, we will send you our onboarding package within 24 hours and promotion can start straight away.

Do I need to own a website to become an affiliate?

Yes. Unfortunately we can only accept affiliation with websites at this stage. As our affiliate programme matures, we are looking for possibilities to include partners without a website presence. Please drop us an email at affiliates@smarkets.com with details of where you would promote us and we will take this into account for the next stage of our programme.

Can I register more than one website?

Yes. You are welcome to register several websites under our programme. If you have more than 2 websites where you would like to promote us, please email us at affiliates@smarkets.com.

I am a Malta based affiliate. Do I need to tell Smarkets if I am tax registered?

As an affiliate based in Malta you are obliged to be registered with the Malta VAT department, however it is your responsibility to determine which category is applicable to you. Different categories exist depending on the nature of your activities and your individual set-up. Further information can be obtained from the Malta VAT department’s website https://vat.gov.mt/en/Pages/Frequently%20Asked%20Questions.aspx. As a Malta based affiliate you are obliged to send an invoice to Smarkets Malta Limited in order for your commission to be settled. Failure to produce an invoice from your end will result in your commission payment being withheld until such invoice reaches Smarkets Malta Limited. Smarkets Malta Limited will provide you with a document which will contain the value of the commission you have earned during a particular period and the VAT value depending on the Tax Status option chosen by you. This commission value amount should formulate the basis of your invoice and shall be considered the prevailing amount in the case of a dispute. Please note however that Smarkets Malta Limited does not assume any responsibility or liability in respect of the accuracy or correctness of the details included in your invoice, particularly any details relating to VAT.

Affiliate program support and administration

What marketing materials do you offer for me to promote your site?

In your affiliate account you will find a range of web banners covering our brand, different sports and events. Please email us at affiliates@smarkets.com should you have any requirements for additional marketing materials.

Can I use your logo on my site?

Yes. Within your affiliate account you will find Smarkets logo files for use on your site. Please note that you must not alter, modify or resize any of these files. Should you require a logo different to the available options, please email us at affiliates@smarkets.com and we will provide you with the required file.

How can I add Smarkets banners to my site?

Underneath each banner displayed on the marketing materials page in your account you will see a snippet of text, which is the banner’s html code. Simply copy this html code for the banner you would like to choose and paste it onto your site.

What do I do if I cannot find the right banner size for my site?

Should your required banner size not be available, please email us at affiliates@smarkets.com and we will provide you with a suitable file. Please note that you must not alter, modify or resize any of our banners yourself.

Can I have access to Smarkets’s XML odds feed?

Yes, you are welcome to use our XML odds feed on your site. The feed can be found here: http://odds.smarkets.com/oddsfeed.xml.

How do you track the customers I refer?

We use a cookie which is placed on the browser of any visitor to our site. Cookies for visitors coming from your site contain your unique affiliate member ID, which we use to automatically attribute the referred visitor to your affiliate account. For SBK, users input their email address and phone number on our landing page. They then receive an SMS with a link to download SBK. This link contains a btag in order to attribute the user to the affiliate referrer.

How long is the cookie duration?

Cookies remain active for 30 days. This means that anyone coming to us from your site but not signing up straight away will still be recognised as a referral from you if they come back to complete the signup process within 30 days.

Where can I track my referrals and earnings?

In your affiliate account you have reports available that let you keep track of all clicks, signups, deposits and commission earnings that your referrals generated.

How often are my reports on referral numbers updated?

Your reported numbers update once a day.

I have forgotten the password that I used to sign up, how can I change it?

Please go to https://www.smarketsaffiliates.com/password_reminder.asp and enter your username to receive your password reminder.

What happens if I terminate my account?

If you ask for your Smarkets Affiliate Account to be closed, we will transfer any funds available in the account to you via bank transfer. Please note that once the account is closed we will no longer be able to pay you any commissions earnings that your referrals may earn. Our affiliate partnership automatically ends with the termination of your Smarkets Affiliate Account.


How can I check how much I will get paid?

In your affiliate account you have you have an Earnings Report that shows the total commission your referrals earned as well as your share of the net commission. The amount you get paid at the end of the month equals your share of net commission.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer payment by bank transfer.

How often do I receive my payments?

We run 2 payment rounds per month.The minimum threshold for payment is £50.

What payment currencies do you offer?

We offer GBP, EUR and USD currencies.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a reversal of a customer deposit, either for reasons of fraud or because the transaction is being disputed.

Is there a negative carry-over?

No. If the payment due in a month is negative, it will not be carried over to the following month.


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